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COLD SPRAY 400ml (Box of 12)


Reference : 033631


Sport Performance Santé Instant cold spray enriched with arvensis mint essential oil for an intense cold feeling and safe for the skin.

This cold spray allows mechanical anesthesia to deal with muscle and joint pain caused during sports activities. 

400 ml spray

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Ready to use, this spray allows you to diffuse cold immediately after a shock in order to attenuate and calm the pain.

Suitable for all sports, in particular team sports (football, rugby, basketball, handball, etc.) and combat sports.



- the intense cold in contact with the skin generates a thermal shock causing a slowdown in nerve conduction to relieve pain in the affected area. 


- cold spray composed of cryogenic gas and natural menthol

- mixture which once applied on the skin will generate a cold feeling and help relieve pain

- anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic