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With over 90 years of experience and its own research center in the USA, CRAMER is committed to provide you with products of utmost quality. To ensure optimal results our products are developed in direct collaboration with trainers and athletes. CRAMER products are praised and selected by professional trainers and their main associations including the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).
CRAMER offers a full range of care, protection and prevention products in order to best meet the needs of trainers and athletes. Our teams are constantly developing new technologies and new products in order to always provide your with the best solutions to your expectations.
With CRAMER Europe you can receive your order within just a few days. Our European distribution center allows us to meet your requests within 72 hours on average.
Prices are calculated on ex-works Orléans – France basis. Delivery is not included in the price, the Buyer shall pay all transportation and insurance costs incurred by CRAMER EUROPE in making or arranging such delivery.
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Welcome on the blog of Cramer Europe

In 1918, from Gardner in the state of Kansas, Chuck and Frank Cramer created the CRAMER Chemical Company.

In 1932, Frank and Chuck became the first official
coaches of the United States’s olympics athletics team. Five years later, Frank Cramer was a founding member of the NAIA: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic.

In 1950, the CRAMER brothers participated in the creation of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association.

In 1968 the company became CRAMER PRODUCTS Inc.

In 1986, CRAMER Europe is established to ensure the promotion and distribution of CRAMER products in Europe. Coaches, trainers and professional athletes quickly
recognize the quality of CRAMER products and CRAMER Europe’s activities extend beyond the borders of the continent. Building on this success in Europe, CRAMER
Japan was launched in 1992.

In 1996, CRAMER PRODUCTS became the official supplier to the NATA, the National Association of American trainers and sports specialists.

In 2004, the company strengthened its activities and took over COSOM, specialized in the production of educative materials.

Four years later, in 2008, CRAMER PRODUCTS
bought out ACTIVE ANKLE, specialist in the manufacturing of ankle supports for sports and medical purposes.
With nearly a century of experience and over 500 products to its credit, CRAMER Products is often recognized in the United States and the rest of the world as a
pioneer in sports medicine.