Cramer – FIRM GRIP®

Reveal the champion within you. Details make a difference. Our quality products allow you to push yourself always further and succed. CRAMER provides you with specific products to take no chances and improve athletes performance.

Non-sticky formula improves grip when sweaty. Anti-slip wood rosin.

061022   Firm Grip® – 78g tube

061024   Firm Grip® – 113g powder

061027   Firm Grip® – 118ml spray

061038    Firm Grip® – 454g jar


Be ready in any event. Our field experience and knowledge allowed us to create high performance products. We also invented solutions for you to carry them with you.
Cramer has a full range of athletic training products. Ensuring you handiness and utmost performance.
Modular design to allow for separation and organization of supplies needed in particular Waterproof material that won’t hold dirt like traditional materials.

Measures : 70cm x 38cm x 33cm.
112425 Emergency kit – Empty


Recover and start over stronger. Day after day your efforts affect the condition of your muscles and articulations. A poor recovery increases the risk of injury.
Our massage products provide better preparation before activity and a profound recovery.
Cramer provides you with massage products recognized by sports medicine professionals.
The Camphorated oil can be used to treat sprains, joint pain and muscle soreness. It is known for it’s strong, pungent aroma. Because large doses can be toxic, it is tightly regulated. External use only.

016500 Camphorated oil – 500ml bottle


Prefer victory to injury. While training or competing, muscles and articulations are put to severe test.
Our products help athletes to be in condition so they can focus on victory. CRAMER offers cold therapy and first aid products that will ensure better preparation.
Lasting effects during the efforts and a true recovery.

Adjustable terry plush neoprene wrap, provides compression and keeps bottle in place.
Wide mouthed bottle included.
287506 Ice Wrap Body Glove® – Ankle/knee
287507 Ice Wrap Body Glove® – Shoulder/thigh


To exceed oneself while easing the pain, is one of the main purpose of braces and supports. Our stabilization products help not only prevent injuries but also to reeducate the athlete. Cramer has the widest range on the market. Our products will bring you stability while allowing the agility required to perform at your best.

The Active Ankle® Volt™ is for any athlete looking for the highest level of protection and support available today without excess weight and bulk. Its carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene shell provides lightweight protection without sacrificing the stability and support. The custom cut and molded EVA foam pads provide a more comfortable fit and improved durability compared to the foam or neoprene pads found in other rigid braces. Its redesigned bilateral hinge provides a smoother motion than previous models and the molded bearing design allows for free and easy movement without the normal amount of plastic on plastic resistance.

Active Ankle® Volt™ – Unit
277720 Small
277721 Medium
277722 Large

CRAMER TAPE, is a multipurpose tool, It supports. It secures. It prevents !!!

Tape is one of the main assets in sports medicine. It plays a key role before pratice and competition, Cramer provids you with all the  necessary products to prepare an efficient strapping or tape job allowing the athlete to achieve high performance.

Made in Europe, our best selling tape is more adhesive, thicker and easier to tear.

The references :
Cramer Tape, 281525U 2.5cm x 10m – Unit
281525 2.5cm x 10m – Case of 36
281600U 4cm x 10m – Unit
281600 4cm x 10m – Case of 24
281700U 5cm x 10m – Unit
281700 5cm x 10m – Case of 18